When people think of shipping friendships in PLL the first thought is normally #Sparia #Emison however we have been looking through many memes and scenes of #Spanna and we believe that they are our ultimate ship! They are probably the most different characters out of the liars, but as they say, opposite’s attract. Spencer is often correcting Hanna, shown in the scene below.


#Team Sparia are often over shadow #team Spanna, but when it comes down to comforting friends and showing trust and love, #Spanna will always be at the top. When ever they need comfort and support they are always at each others side to help them overcome what they are going through. And no we are not forgetting they kinda stole each others boyfriends, but hey that’s a minor detail and sharing is caring!!!! 🙂


We are not saying that Sparia is rubbish however that they don’t have the same connection and bond as Spanna, so sorry to all those Sparia shippers out there. This is just our own opinion so no judging! jks 🙂

Spanna xxx

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